Brandon-Jimmy Nuts

I was never a big fan of wrestling, even when I was a kid I was uninterested. I couldn’t understand why so many people were so intrigued by this “fake sport.” I’ve become aware of the dark sides of this business through movies and other sports oriented documentaries but never did I think it could bring so much joy to one particular person.

James Nutter A.K.A “Jimmy Nutts” was the name of the person to whom we chose to do a multi-media story on. His life, tribulations and journey seemed like the perfect candidate to profile. We were able to film him during one of his professional wrestling events in a small town about 40 minutes south of Morgantown. The event was a spectacle in itself, the people, the town and the performers were all something worthy of filming. I realized then, how important wrestling was to some. This ‘full contact theatre’ was not just entertaining but also emotional. I left the event realizing why so many fans and performers are so engulfed in this art.

A few days later, we interviewed Jimmy Nuts, he told us about his life, its hurdles and how wrestling is everything to him. He told us that for years he was clinically depressed and now wrestling is the thing that drives him  to be happy. It was ironic, for me, because the only depiction I had of wrestling was the from the movie ‘The Wrestler.’ In this movie, wrestling was the perceived as a dark entity and brought a lot of pain to the main character.

This wasn’t the case for Jimmy though, actually it was the complete opposite. Everything around the sport made him better physical and mentally. You could see it, in the way he performed, the way he talked about it. It truly was his motivation in life and nobody was going to stop him from achieving his goal.

I was happy to do a story on him and appreciative of the fact that I actually got to witness a real wrestling match. I realized that perceptions are just perceptions, and you never truly know about something and how it affects people until you truly go and report on it. I always thought wrestling was for people that liked to take excessive amounts of steroids and were a poor excuse of an athlete. I was wrong, and all the people we met at the event were very courteous and hospitable and the sport was far from what was produced by Hollywood.

Here is a link to the movie the wrestler

Here is a clip from one of Jummy’s matches

Here is the original copy of our story

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