Friends of Deckers Creek-Ashley

For my final multi-media project I got work with the non profit organization Friends of Deckers Creek. This organization has worked diligently to improve the environmental quality of the Deckers Creek area. For this project we wanted to bring attention to the numerous pollutants that have degraded the creek. We also wanted to talk about the work that the Friends of Deckers Creek organization has been doing.

Fortunately, the weather was beautiful and at perfects conditions to get shots of the Deckers Creek area. Our interview subjects were more than happy to meet with us at different times and thoroughly describe the importance of the watershed to surrounding communities. Friends of Deckers Creek has various groups that are dedicated to working on certain area’s within the Deckers Creek watershed.  

This multimedia project was very fun and informational. Along with my group members we were really able to come together and bring different, but equally as important, aspects to this project. We all had great idea’s and worked well together. I was very pleased with what everyone had to contribute to the project and thought we all had a great understanding of Friends of Deckers Creek and what their mission was.

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