History of the Pepperoni Roll — Alex Kerns

I was initially worried about finding an angle to use for the print portion of my team’s multimedia project. Pepperoni rolls, while common in the area, are not a new and interesting topic, and with the rolls’ history being covered by the video portion of the project, I felt pressured to find something fresh.

With this in mind, I decided my best bet was to just start doing some interviews and see what I could dig up. Luckily, everyone I spoke to had the same thing to say: Pepperoni rolls, while primarily an Appalachian treat, are spreading.

In fact, Julia’s Pepperoni Rolls, a branch of Chico Bakery based here in Morgantown, is one of the largest producers of pepperoni rolls in the world and ships to 10 states east of the Mississippi.

While working with the team to get multimedia content, I managed to get some good stills from the Country Club Bakery in Fairmont, W.Va., the birthplace of the pepperoni roll. We couldn’t use all of them, and it was difficult to pick which to showcase. Sadly, this one was left out. I think it’s an excellent depiction of the assembly line used at the Bakery to prepare the pepperoni rolls from baking:

Assembly Line

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