Jeremy Neely- Take Back The Night

When we began this project I was particularly excited because it was going to be our last before graduation. I knew we could make this last story a good one and I feel we did.

We began when Lauren ran across a booth at the Mountain Lair and suggested we check it out. It was the Take Back The Night booth and they were spreading the word that the event was going to be held three days from then. Take Back The Night was being hosted by the Center For Women’s Studies at West Virginia University. We all talked it over and decided this was the story we should cover. We weren’t really sure who we would interview but we knew there were going to be great visuals and people singing.

When we got there Judith Avers was singing her Folksy Blues songs. I immediately started trying to find a good spot to get video of her playing while at the same time getting the best quality audio as possible. I finally settled in a corner where I was under a speaker and was still able to get great close ups.

All while I was filming the music and getting b-roll, Lauren and Andrew were working on finding people to interview. They did great grabbing people and asking them if we could get interviews. We ended up getting four interviews at the event, but when we got to the lab we found out they were out of focus. We ended up getting two interviews interviews a few days after the event. This helped develop our story tremendously.

Putting together the story was pretty easy. When we sat down to edit, it seemed that the sequence of the story fell together. We all talked over every edit and weighed our opinions when we didn’t think something was quite right. When we put our statistic slides in we did extensive research to find the the correct data.

Overall, I feel that as a group we finished this last project strong. We all did well together and I feel only good things are to come from this graduating class.

Click for video link.

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