Kaylyn — Multimedia Project #1 “Spud”

For our first multimedia project of the semester, Brittany Lowe, Ashley Ward, Jeremy Neely, Terry Fletcher and myself worked on a profile piece that portrayed the life of Edith “Spud” Bilson, a 95-year-old woman who spends her days volunteering at Morgantown’s Christian Help Center.

This project proved to be challenging in more than one way. To begin, this was the first time I had ever worked on a multimedia project. I learned a lot from my group members who specialize in television journalism and realized that even though it was through a different medium than I am used to, in the end, it was stil about telling Spud’s story to the best of our ability.

In addition, developing a story idea that could be compelling to watch and read was not easy. We had a few ideas come up short before we found one that would work. Luckily, Spud, who was named as one of Morgantown’s top 100 most influential people,  was a great character for our piece. She was interesting to watch, listen to and read about.

We were able to get to know her in a variety of settings, which I think showed in our project. We spoke with Spud in her home where she told us about her family and her past. Then, we watched Spud in action at the Christian Help Center. It was a great first hand account of the work that she does day in and day out. It also served as a great opportunity to speak with her fellow volunteers.

All in all, I thought we did a good job covering the different aspects of Spud’s life. I do, however, think that we could’ve improved the overall project by making the print piece a little more different from the multimedia package. By making them both profile pieces we were able be more specific and in depth, but the project may have benefited from telling a little more about the overall mission of the volunteers at the Christian Help Center.

If you’re interested in volunteer opportunities in Morgantown, click here.

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