Meals on Wheels-Ashley

Having the nonprofit beat each week I have had the opportunity to learn about the struggles and successes of some of Morgantown’s most influential organizations. I had the pleasure of meeting first hand some of the people that dedicate their time and money ensuring that the community is able to benefit from what each organization has to offer.

One organization in particular has been providing a vital service to community members for over 30 years. Meals on Wheels provides over 80 warm meals a day to local residents. Each client has the opportunity to set up a payment plan that suites their individual needs. Aside from the accommodations Meals on Wheels is able to provide, the people are also what make this organization specials. Every person working within this organization took pride in their jobs. The cooks were always smiling and didn’t miss an ingredient when preparing the meals.

What really kept this organization running were the volunteers that traveled up to 20 miles a day just to deliver food. With the recent increase in gas prices some feared that the volunteers may not be able to continue their trips or may have to reduce the number of trips the were able to make. However Meals on Wheels Director Jerry Kessler said that the volunteers have continued to dedicate their time with no complaints.

While I was at Meals on Wheels I got to meet a few of the drivers that deliver food each week. As I began to ask them questions I immediately noticed that for many of the volunteers it wasn’t just about delivering food, but also establishing friendships. Many of Meals on Wheel’s clients begin to rely on the volunteers for food and friendly conversation. 

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