Mohamed Ali – Devon Unger

What Mohamed Ali has accomplished is pretty impressive. I knew a little about Mohamed from my experiences covering WVU’s Student Government Association elections, but when we decided to focus our multimedia project on him, I wasn’t sure how good it would be at first, but was pleasantly surprised by the results.

Ali appeared scattered and without focus when I saw him speak at the SGA debate, but once I began interviewing him one-on-one I found him to be much better at articulating his ideas than my first impression indicated. Immediately I was able to see how he was able to lose weight. Mohamed exudes confidence, a quality necessary to make the drastic change he made in his life, and a quality I believe will help him succeed in mentoring children dealing with obesity.

If anyone can inspire an overweight child to lose weight, it is Mohamed. The fact that he personally experienced what the kids are going through helps him better understand how to reach them, and his results are proof his lifestyle works. While Mohamed went from 265 to 165 pounds in high school, he is back up to 200 now, and you better believe nearly every bit of that is solid muscle.

The thin that really sold me on Mohamed though, was his desire to come to West Virginia to try to implement his All Live Intense program. As a native West Virginian I’ve seen the toll obesity has taken on the state, in terms of health care costs and more importantly human costs.

Moving forward I hope program like Mohamed’s and Michele Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign can be successful in combating this national problem. Moving forward I wish Mohamed nothing but the best in his attempts to achieve his goals, and I’m sure he’ll have no trouble.

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