Mohamed Ali – Josie

For the last Multimedia project my partners and I did our story on Mohamed Ali. Ali is a WVU student who was an obese child when he was younger. Today childhood obesity is becoming a big problem. During his high school years he started a work out plan called Ali and lost almost 100 pounds. Today he still continues to do the same work out and eat healthy as well. Ali plans on using his work out program to get people in West Virginia to start being healthier and lose weight just like he did because he knows it’s increasing in West Virginia.

Ali has been inspired by Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! program. He wrote to her about his program and recently received a letter from the White House about his program. Ali was able to let us go to the gym with him to film his intense workouts and come to his house for an interview.

We focused our Multimedia on his childhood to where he is now. We were able to use home videos of him while he was younger for our story. Ali is a very good talker so we were able to get a lot out of him during the interview.  He is a good figure to show people that they can make a difference in their health and lose weight.

I enjoyed doing this story because it makes it so much easier when you have someone who wants to talk and get their story out. I think what Ali is doing is great and I hope his program can help a lot of people.

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