Pepperoni Rolls, MMP2-Taelene Swihart

My group and I decided to do the story about the pepperoni roll, and Country Club Bakery in Fairmont. We went to the bakery at 7am on a Monday to take videos, Alex and I took still photographs of the workers and the shop. I took about 20 pictures all together. Some of them where blurry but my camera usually takes amazing photos. I also went with Sayres and Whitney to film at Colasessanos Pizza Shop in Morgantown, I took some photos of the shop. On that day there wasn’t anyone at the shop so we decided not to film.

"Getting things Ready"


The people at the Country Club Bakery were really nice and actually gave us pepperoni rolls to try! It was a nice story, and of course I love doing stories about the community so I enjoyed this emmensly.

In conclusion our video turned out nice and I think it would of been perfect for local television stations.

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