I did two news packages on recycling not too long ago. I came quickly to realize that we are a wasteful society. Almost %75 of everything we throw away is recyclable. I also noticed that people will only recycle with an incentive or if it is really really covenient. I especially like the program that Morgantown, W. Va. has with Monongalia Recycling Commision. I met with the litter control officer, Anthony Giambrone the recycling coordinator Laura Stiller. They both seem very passionate about recycling. They work for the non profit orginization. They make most of their money by selling back paper and aluminum products to other companies so that they can re-use the matrieal. They work very hard and all the money that they make they right back into the program. I would imagine that if you had a recycling trash can in every home would be the only way to get people to really recycle. It is just not convinent for them now, at least not enough. They have locations even throughout town and all around WVU campus.

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