Take Back The Night

By: Kaitlynn Anderson

Take Back The Night is an annual event held by the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance (FMLA) every spring semester. It is an event designed to allow people who have been, or know someone who has been, a victim of sexual assault to speak out about what happened to them in a safe environment.

Our group got the idea after our first idea fell through. A group member (Lauren) saw a flier in the Mountainlair and decided to check it out. The woman in charge of the event was Melissa Chesanko, a teacher in the Woman’s Studies department here at WVU. She said she hopes this event would shatter the silence on sexual assault.

After the event, several women and men marched down high street will chanting and waving signs.

The chant rang, “People unite – Take back the night!”

It wasn’t till after the event that we interviewed Jaime Cochran and really heard her story. She had been physically assaulted by her ex-boyfriend and survived to tell her story to over 30 thousand others. She says she would take the abuse again because she knows that her story has helped others around the United States.

This was an emotional piece to do but I hope that it will help someone who may realize they need help too.

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