Tegrity Update — Alex Kerns

Beginning this story, I was prepared to do some digging in WVU’s College of Business and Economics and perhaps come up with a piece about the license for Tegrity lecture-capture software being renewed or abandoned.

Instead, my main interview with Carol Henry, director of Information Technology at the B&E, made it clear that the lecture-capture situation at WVU is in the midst of a big change. Tegrity is, in fact, being abandoned (temporarily at least) and replaced with a new program purchased by the University, Wimba.

The story quickly changed from an update on Tegrity, to an update on WVU’s use of lecture-capture software. Henry and her assistants were very helpful, explaining not only the uses of, and differences between, the two programs, but also the place of lecture-capture in education and at WVU.

As Henry said:

“There is no doubt in my mind that lecture-capture technology has a valuable place in the learning environment. We just need to investigate the best practices.”

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