Zack- Deckers Creek

For our final multi-media story, my group did a feature about the issues with Deckers Creek, and what the local group the Friends of Deckers Creek is doing about it. This idea surfaced under the disguise of not having an idea. I didn’t want to be pushy at all with my group about what story we should do, but before our beat reports were due we had not discussed any ideas at all. I finally sent out a facebook message saying I didn’t really have much of an idea, but we could cover the Friends of Deckers Creek if nobody else had a story in mind.

Everyone said to just go ahead with that idea, and the rest is history. Work on the story really began when we got video of a litter cleanup the Friends of Deckers Creek conducted along with the Department of Environmental Protection as part of their “WV make it shine program”. After shooting the video of their work, and making just one trip to the creek, it was clear we were going to have more than enough good B-roll to make this video look really nice. We later made more trips to the creek and knocked out our interviews. The more we worked on the story, the more we all felt like we would have something good to show for our work

I can honestly say that, for once, just about everything went smoothly while working on this video, and I was extremely grateful for that. Our whole group contributed to the making of the video, and did a great job bouncing creative ideas back and forth. Now that the video is finished, I know it is the best thing I have had a hand in making. I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. Here’s our video. I hope you enjoy it.

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