Rodney-WIC Guideline Changes

Well, I just got finished with my first VOSOT for this class, and for the most part, it was an uneventful experience, and for that I am glad.  As you can see from the title, the story I did this week, which can be seen further down, was about the new WIC income guidelines that will take effect on July 1.  Since it’s not really possible to get the full effect of a VOSOT without actually hearing a voice-track, I’ll give you the basic gist of it.

The amount of income families can earn and still qualify for WIC assistance will be increasing, as per a decision made in April.  For instance, a family of four will be able to earn $555 more annually and still qualify to receive WIC.

For those who aren’t familiar with broadcasting, let me say that approaching a VOSOT is different than approaching a package.  While, in essence,  a VOSOT is just a shorter story, the way it’s done is not exactly the same.  Normally, for a package, at least two interviews are necessary to adequately tell a story (e.g. a “real person” and an “expert”), but that is not the case for a VOSOT.  With a shorter time frame to work with, VOSOTs will typically have just one sound bite from one person.

For this story, I wanted to use a real person to tell the story, because I felt it would be more compelling for viewers to actually hear a mother talk about how the program is beneficial.  Her name is Savanha, and she mentioned some of the ways that WIC has helped her family.  For those who have never used the service or are not in some other way familiar with it, it is more than just providing formula and baby food for children.  There are other services available to parents, from immunizations to parenting related courses.

For my b-roll, I went with Savanha to the grocery store, and I filmed her shopping for her WIC items.  I figured this made the most sense, and I have to thank Save-A-Lot for once again being accommodating to students wanting to film stories in there.  I have been in there on a few occasions to film for journalism classes, and the people there have never had a problem with WVU students coming in to shoot.

To conclude, I want to show one more brief clip from my interview with Savanha.  She succinctly states what things would be like for her family without WIC, and I can’t help but think the way she feels is similar for many folks who use this service.

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