Adam – Rail Trail Construction

I decided to do my story on the rail trail  for a couple reasons. First, I wanted to do something that I knew I could turn around in a few days. I could get quality b-roll, contact and interview someone about the trail, and put it all together. Second, I saw the construction while riding the PRT and thought it would be a good story because more and more people will want to use the trails during the summer. Plus, I wanted to find out for myself why the construction was for.

 I decided that because my VOSOT was going to be short, I need my b-roll to do a lot of the talking for me. I went down to the trail and spent a couple hours finding and filming the construction. It was really hot and I looked like I ran a marathon on the trail when I was done, but I got some good shots. I filmed people walking, running, riding bikes, and enjoying the trail. I also got several shots of the construction. I filmed the barriers blocking the trail from users, yet while I did this, some people ignored the signs and went through the construction area anyway. I filmed shots from the ground of cones blocking the area as well.

For my interview I wanted to get someone with knowledge of the construction and how it was affecting trail users. I decided to contact Anita Mayer, President Mon River Trail Conservancy, because I thought she would provide the answers I needed. She was gracious enough to let me interview her and provided an aspect of how the construction impacted commuters that use the trails every day to get to work. I never really thought of this and decided that if I hadn’t thought about this that maybe other people hadn’t either and this would be how I would shape my VOSOT.

In the end, I put together a VOSOT that I thought would inform the audience of an issue and provide a view of this issue that might be new to them. I learned something about this issue and I hope the audience did as well. While everything came together, I did have some issues. I was not familiar with the new camera and it took me some time to figure out how to work the audio. I didn’t have any nat sound for my b-roll, but worked to fix it. My interview had an issue with the audio, but it worked out ok.

Overall, I’m happy will my VOSOT.

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