Rodney-Stroke Research

It’s funny how things can change in this business from one day to the next.  Stories change, sources change, pretty much anything can change at the last minute and nothing can be taken for granted.  Such was the case for my VOSOT this week.

One idea I pitched at last week’s news meeting was an upcoming study at WVU that will use the XBOX Kinect accessory to research stroke recovery in patients.  Well, my news director preferred my other idea for last week, so I went with it instead.  However, I had already made contact with the doctor who will be conducting the study about interviewing her, so I wanted to pursue this idea as well.

After a couple of postponements, it was a good thing I had my backup idea for week one.  I wasn’t able to do the interview until this week, but as they say, good things come to those who wait, and Dr. Valeriya Gritsenko was not only a great interview subject, but she went beyond my expectations by demonstrating the XBOX Kinect (which I hadn’t seen or used beforehand) and showing me the motion sensor suit she uses in her lab.

Here is the story:

Dr. Gritsenko explained that she wants to see how the motion sensor technology used in the XBOX Kinect can be used in a medical setting, and in this particular case, for rehabilitation purposes.  She also mentioned, as I will show you in a moment, that many of the practices used for stroke rehab are antiquated, and patients could potentially benefit from bringing available technologies to hospitals and clinics.

As I mentioned before, Dr. Gritsenko was very accommodating, and I appreciate and thank her for that.  In this type of business, as a reporter especially, you have to rely on others a great deal in order to get your job done.  Whether you’re trying to set up an interview, or you’re just out trying to shoot good b-roll, it can be difficult to get all the pieces to come together sometimes, so when other people are helpful and show a willingness to work with you, it makes the process run much smoother, and it allows you to put together a better finished product.

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