Adam – Sidewalk Construction

For my second VOSOT I decided to do it on the construction along University Ave.  The work has forced the closure of sidewalks in the area. I decided on this topic because it was something I thought the public would want to have an update on. I wanted to know because I travel through this area and have seen it is a mess. I also thought it would be a good topic because everyone might think the construction only impacts traffic, but it also impacts another part of the population-pedestrians.

For my interview I wanted to find someone with an understanding of the construction area and how it affected the public. I decided to contact Christiaan Abildso, Chairperson, of the Morgantown Pedestrian Safety Board. Going into this interview, I thought there were some areas for people to walk around the construction. However, by interviewing Mr. Abildso, I learned there were no detours for people to use. I decided this was part of the story I wanted to tell.

After the interview, I went down to the construction area to shoot my b-roll. Mr. Abildso was right. There weren’t any designated detours for people to use. I tried to shoot b-roll that showed this as well as the work on the sidewalks. There weren’t many people walking in this area because it was busy with traffic, construction, and there was no place to walk.

I think my VOSOT turned out ok. I provide good b-roll and information to the public to understand what is happening in this busy area. In the end, I wanted my VOSOT to keep the audience updated on the construction and also alert them to the fact that there is no safe place to walk in this area. Maybe someone that can do something about this sees my story and can work to make it a safer place for the public. Everyone wants to have a safer community and that includes pedestrian safety as well.


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