Adam – Recreational Fields Construction

For my next VOSOT, I wanted to continue with the construction topic. I decided to do my story on the construction of the WVU recreational fields. This project is apart of the larger WVU Recreational Project. The groundbreaking took place back in April and I wanted to provide an update on the project. Plus, as with most of my stories, I wanted to know for myself.

Once I decided on this story, I tried to contact two people from the WVU Facilities Management. I did not hear back after a day and I started to get worried I wouldn’t find someone to interview for my story. With the help of a friend, I was put in contact with someone at WVU News Services/Communications. However, I didn’t hear back from them right away. Things were looking bleak. Then I got an email from Scott Owen, project manager for the recreational field project. How he got my email, I’m still not sure. However, he was exactly the person I needed to interview.

I went to interview Mr. Owen and he was gracious enough to take me around the construction site to allow me to get some great b-roll. He also talked to me about what was going to happen next in construction and how the layout of the fields would be. It was interesting to get a behind the scenes look at the project. This is an added benefit of being a reporter. I was provided access to an area I wouldn’t have been if I was a regular person.

Overall, I think my VOSOT turned out great. I was able to provide the audience with some great shots of the site and inform of the current progress of the recreational fields.

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