Kaira – Beer sales at Mountaineer Stadium

For my third story, I wanted to find out how students were reacting to the policy change at Milan Puskar Stadium that will now allow beer to be sold at events. I was actually surprised at the response that I got.

I was thinking that students would be thrilled that beer would be sold at the stadium. I know when I attended the games in previous years, that students would leave at halftime to go and drink more. So why wouldn’t they be happy if they didn’t have to leave the game and could still drink? Then I got to asking around and I realized that a majority of the students at this school are not of legal drinking age.

I talked with two students about the new policy. Both students were unsure that it would lead to any real change in student behavior at the games. WVU just has a rowdy, loyal fan base. Here is a video of some drunk WVU fans tailgating …..

One student pointed out to me that whether or not there would be alcohol sold inside the stadium, people were still going to begin their tailgates early and bring plenty of their own beer. He did believe that the fact there was alcohol management training provided to the faculty, would help to regulate the amount of “drunks”.

Another student told me that she did not agree with the policy change. Especially the part where they would not be allowing people to re-enter the game after halftime. She told me that she believed that people would just leave and watch the game else where.

When I spoke with Becky Lofstead, a spokesperson for WVU, she told me that one of the reasons the policy was implemented was to help attendance at the games because people would leave at halftime. I wonder how the policy is going to effect the attendance. It is going to be interesting to see how this works out in the fall.

I’m glad I got to gain a better insight to this topic. I plan on coming back to Morgantown to attend WVU football games for years to come. I’m excited to be able to buy myself a beer or two at the games, as well as to see how the policy will effect the game day experience overall.


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