Kaira – Facebook safety

For my final story I wanted to inform people about some of the dangers of Facebook. It is pretty much safe to say that almost everyone has heard of Facebook. Whether they have an account or not, it is the most known social networking site on the web. There has been movies made on the site like The Social Network, and Cat Fish


The movie Cat Fish takes a look at the site from a different perspective. It shows how easily someone can create an account using false information. Ever since I watched the movie, it got me to thinking about my own Facebook account. About the information I allow people to known about me, my Facebook statuses and the pictures uploaded of me. How much privacy do people who use Facebook really have?

I have read many stories about bad things happening to people that can be traced back to Facebook use. There was an instance when someone posted to their account that they would be out of town, and their home was robbed. Another instance involved a woman being kidnapped by a man that she had met and conversed with on Facebook.

Many employers also use the site to look through the pages of applicants, so it is important for users to know how to protect their privacy as best as they can. Here is a link to some privacy settings that people should be aware of.

Anything that users post to Facebook, is then Facebook’s property. All pictures, status updates and pictures, can be used by Facebook for other uses. Also, Facebook shares information with third parties.

When you think about it, Facebook is not a private place. People really need to understand the risks that come with using the social networking site.

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