Scotty B. – Vote By Mail

My final story was on the Vote By Mail system the city of Morgantown used. The program was Secretary of State Natalie Tennant’s plan to increase voter turn out. Morgantown was a pilot city meaning they were testing it. The program doubled voter turnout from the last election but it also doubled the cost.

I interviewed Councilman Ron Bane about what he thought and he thinks the program needs redone. He said they probably wasted $25,000 on people who didn’t use the ballot. He also said they had as many voters this year that had in 2004 with just the normal form of voting.

I went and talked to Linda Little, the Morgantown City Clerk, about what is being done about the problem and she is working on ways to improve the program.

B-roll was especially hard for this one because I was for sure what to get. I took video of polling places and a ballot. I actually set out to find a mail man in South Park but couldn’t find one. I felt a little creepy running around town with a camera so I gave up.

I got it done. I know it wasn’t the best VOSOT I’ve ever done but I was happy with it.

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