Scotty B – Blue Hole

This project turned out to be better than I originally thought it would be. Prior to this project I went swimming at Blue Hole once. The second time there were a ton of cops and we were unable to get in. But the time I did get to go swimming I was not impressed and I hated being there. There was way to many people and everyone was drunk.

We went out there for this project and there may have been 12 people out there and I finally got to see how great Blue Hole truly was. I enjoyed looking over the bridge and seeing the river. The stream that drained into Blue Hole was beautiful and provided a lot of good pictures.

It was truly upsetting to see the trash left behind.

I got to interview the mayor of Masontown and get her thoughts on Blue Hole. Mrs. Main was full of information and had a lot of good quotes.

I must say Rodney Lamp held the class together and was the go to guy for everything that happened on this project. His work on the video was above and beyond what you could ask of someone.

This project was enjoyable and everyone worked really well together.

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