Kaira – Blue Hole

I really enjoyed covering Blue Hole for the multimedia project. I have been going to Blue Hole ever since I was a freshmen and I love it out there. I never really thought about how college students were destroying the place though. There are plenty of times when I have visited Blue Hole and I have seen piles and piles of trash. Beer cans in the parking lot, woods and even floating in the water. There was one time when one of my friends actually sliced her foot open on an empty beer bottle in the water and had to get stitches.

College students as well as other visitors really need to take care of the place. Like Bryan said in the video, it’s West Virginia. It’s supposed to be “Wild and Wonderful” and not trashy.

I have also seen many people jump off the bridge and get injured. It is so hard to tell how deep the water is going to be in certain areas of the river. We got to interview the Mayor of Masontown who also had concerns for students jumping off the bridge. It is very unsafe. The roads are very bad and it is hard for EMTs and ambulances to get down to the water.

Blue Hole has been named one of the top swimming holes in the United States. People should really cherish and take care of the beautiful area. I hope people see our video and think a little before their next trip to Blue Hole.

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