A Freshly Baked Trend

Recently, one trendy treat seems to have really taken over the United States. It is difficult to go channel surfing without seeing at least one show dedicated to a family or team of people making cupcakes. Little shops that sell mainly cupcakes are also popping up all over the country. It is interesting that, despite there being something of a health craze in the U.S, cupcake shops seem to be doing really well.

Morgantown, West Virginia, has just seen its own cupcake shop open in the downtown area. The Cupcakerie is a little place that has a close, coffee shop kind of feel. While the prices do seem a little steep for college students with little money, the cupcakes are high quality. One of the best types of cupcakes they have is a red-velvet cupcake.
But, why these miniature pastries and not something else? Well, one reason could be as simple as, if made right, they taste really good. With the right ingredients and the right frosting, just about any pastry will be delicious. Cupcakes are also relatively easy to make and can be made is large quantities at a single time.

People in the U.S. really seem to like cute things as well, especially miniature versions of things. Cupcakes are miniature versions of cakes, and are usually brightly decorated and colored. These things alone will help draw customers in to try one, and usually if one is good, more will be bought.

Perhaps another reason that cupcakes have started such a stir is because they are unique. These miniature cakes come in many different styles and flavors, ranging from seasonal flavors, such as pumpkin spice, to the classics like chocolate. People like variety, and variety is what cupcakes offer.

— Ben Scott

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