A reporter’s fears at Fright Farm

Ever since I was a little kid, I went to Rich’s Fright Farm. October was the time for my friends and me to gather close, hold hands and scream after turning the corners in the haunted mansion.

This year, however, was a little different. I got to know the actors and actresses behind the scary makeup. I met the owner, Mark Rich. Everyone was very welcoming and gave my group permission to walk anywhere on the property.

The multimedia story that my group and I worked on was based on behind the scenes. We went Rich’s Fright Farm both during the day and then at night.

Walking around during the day was .

The layout of the hayride trail, corn stalk maze and the haunted mansion were very different than I had noticed in the past.  The property seemed harmless – until we entered the mansion doors.

The first thing we saw was a blood-covered man spinning above our heads. I felt silly for feeling scared because the entryway had light.

After shooting still photos and catching video, we decided to explore a little more.

Throughout the rest of the house, there were no lights. In one creepy hallway, I felt spiderwebs hit my face and wasn’t sure if they were real or fake.

Once we made it through the hallway, there was a mannequin of a dead little boy watching television. The wall were blood-spattered, body parts and guts scattered the floors and a strobe light flashed in the corner above the boy’s head.

I never noticed all of the details in the rooms before. When I would come to Rich’s Fright Farm with friends, we would run right past them in fear.

While working on this story, I gained a new appreciation for all of the hard work that goes into the decorations.

The scary details are what makes the haunted mansion so popular.

The next day, we came to the same location after dark. We wanted to see how the actors and actress prepared in costume.

There were hundreds of staff members.

The amount of make-up used was unbelievable. There were about 10 different make-up artists spraying and painting different colors on the actor’s faces. Scars were sketched, blood colored paint was splashed and pointy ears were being glued on.

Every actor appeared scary. They were fun to talk to, but uncomfortable to look at.

I remember talking to an actor dressed up as a dead Santa Claus. He was really nice and made me laugh, however I kept thinking about how horrible his costume was. It would make me scream if I saw him from a customer’s perspective.

The end product of our multimedia story was intended to show the viewers of how dramatic the change was from day to night. I wish that everyone could have seen and felt the fear that I experienced with my group.

The haunted mansion has been renovated constantly within the past 22 years of business. It is considered the largest haunted attraction in Western, Pa.

— Jessica Marghella

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2 Responses to A reporter’s fears at Fright Farm

  1. Alexis Nesbitt says:

    Any thoughts on the spinning room?

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