Sohail Chaudhry Profile

To say that the Morgantown Mosque‘s Imam Sohail Chaudhry is more than just an imam would be a gross understandment. He is an integral part of the Islamic community in Morgantown and has an amazing story to tell.

Ok, so where should we start.? Well, Chaudhry teaches Islamic classes at WVU every week, but the interesting part of this story is that Chaudhry happened to teach himself Arabic, and not that long ago, actually. He grew up in Pakistan, but attended a private British school where he learned English as his first language.  He just attributes this to having a thirst for knowledge and wanting to spread the knowledge of the language of Arabic.

Wanna hear a pretty romantic story? How about one day, Chaudhry was browsing profiles on an Islamic match website. He found an online profile of a woman who recently converted to Islam and lived in Alabama. They weren’t allowed to date (because of their religion) so he flew down to meet her and her family.  And so the story goes, he met her on a Friday, and married her on a Sunday. His wife’s family all have different religious beliefs, so they usually have interesting debates over the dinner table when they get together.

A few years ago, PBS aired a controversial documentary profiling the Mosque in Morgantown. Chaudhry sat down and did an interview to argue the other side of the story to the documentary.

We were lucky enough to talk to Chaudhry and get some of his thoughts on America after 9/11, and how he has gotten to where he is today.

Of course, with Chaudhry being a man of many trades, we also had the chance to talk to different facets of his life.  He is more information on his profile… Chaudhry Profile

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