Ryan Fortney, the WVU super fan

West Virginia University’s football team has such extreme fans that the university has it’s own student organization for the die-hards.  And while some of us were skeptical at first about doing a fan story, we soon found out Ryan Fortney is a little more intense than most.

We could tell you in a story about how much Ryan loves WVU football, but it’s much easier to understand if you can see it. Being able to show a photo of him on the way to his first WVU game at 10 days old, and showing his parents’ doorbell play the WVU fight song tells the story so much better than words can. We could say Ryan wears something with WVU on it everyday, or we could show photos of him over the years proudly sporting the Flying WV.

What we didn’t get to show too much in the video was exactly how much Mountaineers stuff Ryan and his family have around the house. They tried to downplay it, saying they didn’t have much, but it was apparent they have a love for all things blue and gold.

Instead of doing a written story on Ryan as well, we decided that a story on fan attendance would be interesting. Some fans may be diehard, but it’s not true with everyone. You can read our story here – WVU Football 2011 Attendance.

MSN Sports Net has statistics from each game available online, which also include attendance numbers. The 2011 season stats were recently updated to include the last game of the regular season.

The most interesting thing we discovered was that approximately 20 percent of students who get tickets to the game do not attend. Because of this, more tickets are made available than there are seats available. While it sounds like it might make finding a seat messy, the system allows more fans the chance to attend games.

— Leann Ray

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