Senior Year Reflections

This story was an interesting one. Seeing a unique group of friends reflect back on their time here at WVU really makes you step back and think about it yourself. Most of us are quickly closing in on graduation as well so this story was something we felt everyone could connect with.

Everyone one has that close group of friends and those specific memories they’ve developed here so our hope was that this story would encourage people to reflect on their own experiences and really appreciate the type of things that this university has done for them outside of just academics.

The feeling of being more than a group of friends and closer to a family is something that keeps friends together. You can just tell how comfortable they were all around each other and to some extent, we all can relate.

As with this group of friends, most people have some sort of regret as they see their days in college come to a close; whether it be academic, or just that one thing you and your friends never went out experienced.

Many people don’t think about keeping contact with their close group of friends after college. You take for granted just how close everyone is.

This story could almost act as a warning in that regard. It will all be over much too quick so make sure you take full advantage of the time you have here and with the friends you make.

— Jon Lemieux

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