Tis the season for Christmas lights

Every year, friends and family members cram in vehicles to see the annual Christmas lights displays.  And Wheeling, W.Va. is the place to do it.

I have never heard of the annual Winter Festival of Lights that is shown in the small town, but it was worth the trip.

For this story, it was important to try and show viewers how large the display actually was.  The entire light show stretches for a total of six miles with more than a million lights.

Can you even imagine?

The light show was not only impressive and a fun activity to do for the holidays, but there is a new lighting system that makes the display energy efficient.  Nearly 75 percent of the park is filled with LED light bulbs that help our environment.

Here is the print story about the new LED lights.

The Winter Festival of Lights has bridges and tunnels of light fixtures throughout the long ride, making it a challenge to capture appropriate pictures.  One way we were able to show the awe-inspiring designs was to open the vehicle’s sun roof and take advantage of the different angles.  Check it out below.

It is worth the drive to see the lights in person.  I mean, after all, it is one of the top 10 light exhibits in the US!

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