WVU Rifle Team

Picking the WVU Rifle Team as the feature for our story was not hard at all.  It is arguably the most accomplished team at WVU.  Currently ranked as the Number 2 in the country, the team has one NCAA title and 14 national titles under its belt.

Here’s how a rifle match is set up:

But the Rifle Team is missing one thing: supporters.  For example, its Facebook fanpage only has 540 fans (as opposed to the currently #23 WVU Football team, which has nearly 60,000).  The team’s home matches rarely bring in more than friends and family members, despite the fact they are undefeated this season and have beaten teams like Army and most recently, Ole Miss.

So why don’t more people love the rifle team?  Is it because maybe we’re all too wrapped up in football?  Or maybe because not enough people know how good the rifle team actually is, or that they’re even around?  Is it because they’re matches are four hours long and involve a lot of slow movement and concentration?

Whatever the reason may be, it’s obvious that the WVU Rifle Team is lacking in the fan support they deserve.

Their next home match is January 14, 2012 against Akron.

For more on how the rifle team is so successful, check out this story:  Rifle team story

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