The WVU results…

The WVU results for the Student Government Association’s election for the 2012-2013 school year were announced last night in the Mountainlair.

The announcement resulted in mixed emotions all around, and the Golden Ticket won only one seat on the SGA despite the endorsements from Senator Joe Manchin, former WVU football player Owen Schmitt, and the Daily Athenaeum.

Rashad Bates, presidential candidate of the Golden Ticket, served the SGA as Vice President for the last two years was defeated in this year’s election.

The United Party nearly swept the SGA seats 14-1.  Ryan Campone was the only victorious member of the Golden Ticket coming in thirteenth place.  This is Campone’s third straight SGA term.

Devin Sears of the Golden Ticket was shocked to find the results

“We are very proud of our work,” Sears said.  “There’s nothing else I would have done differently.”

Sears thinks that the elections more about popularity instead of competency for the positions.

The SGA elections received a bit of controversy when the Daily Athenaeum reported missing newspapers of the April 10th edition across from campus.

The theft of newspapers occurred when the Daily Athenaeum published an editorial piece endorsing the Golden Ticket.

In an interview at the U92 radio station on the show Feedback last Wednesday, the United Party said that they did not know who stole the newspapers.

Last year, voter fraud caused the elections to be moved from the online Mix system to voting booths in the Mountainlair.

Statistics in the Daily Athenaeum stated that the voter turnout was 2,681 students out of the possible 27,848 voters.  About 9.6 percent of the students voted in the elections.  The results have not been certified as of the Friday, April 13th issue of the DA.

The United Party shuttled voters to the Mountainlair to the voting booths.  This process is completely legal according to SGA election rules as long as the party is not campaigning a certain distance from the booths.

Sears says that the voting booths are the reason behind the low voter turnout, but has decreased the amount of voter fraud.  Sears also thinks that there needs to be some other way to get students to be more interested in the elections.

“I think that this year, specifically, students just don’t care,” Sears said, “so they’re not going to vote.”

Sears plans on doing more for the university outside of the SGA.

The winners are as follows:

Presient and Vice President:

Zach Redding and Jared Zuccari

Board of Governors:

Bridgette Boyd

Molly Callaghan

Joe Reidy

Christian Guy

Devon Lopez

Abdul Aziz Alshammari

Zac Eichelberger

Andrea Mucino

Jason Cohen

Kylie Sphar

Kartik Motwani

Harrison Wellford

Morgan Riddle

Ryan Campione

Dillan Knox

Athletic Council:

Stephanie Rosnick

Zack Lusher

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